V12 partners with Highland Math to bring their omnichannel marketing data to the Snowflake Marketplace. Across consumer, auto, and new mover datasets, V12 enables companies to have insight into their current and potential customers. Insights include demographics, purchase behavior, and life events. It’s important to have the full picture, and V12’s external data allows you to see your customers outside of the scope of your internal CRM. V12’s data consists of hundreds of offline and online data attributes, making them a one-stop shop for insight. Highland Math brings three V12 datasets to the Snowflake Marketplace: consumer, auto, and new movers.

Consumer Intelligence

The first dataset is V12’s insight into over 260+ million US adults. Gain insight into their demographics, shopping behavior, and lifestyle. Leverage Snowflake to append this data to your internal contacts or find new customers. By leveraging external data to understand other your own customers, you can find new, similar customers. For example, if you own a fishing brand and are looking to target people who buy fishing equipment or gear, it’s easy to target people with a ‘fishing’ interest in the V12 dataset.  Or, a high percentage of a fishing brand’s existing customers may also own RVs — so the brand can expand the attributes it uses to find new prospects. 


V12’s auto data helps the automotive industry reach their ideal audience. This is the only auto focused dataset on the Snowflake Marketplace. The dataset contains over 190+ million VINs and the 260+ million consumers making purchases. Snowflake customers can leverage this dataset to analyse vehicle buyers, automotive trends, and more. A simple use case for this data is for an aftermarket company to reach owners of a particular automotive vehicle at the right time to target them with marketing messages. Hoping to open up a new service center? Understand the vehicle ownership within the area, or vehicle sales trends across the country. 


Over 45 million people move in the U.S. each year. That means new potential customers for a regional retail store, or the ability to capture the additional spend consumers make when they move into a new home. This dataset allows for Snowflake customers to analyse moving patterns of consumers in the U.S. For example, the City of Boston can analyse where people are relocating to in and out of their city.  Questions like this can be addressed with V12’s mover data along with strong demographic and affinity based data tied to users.