Specialists’ Marketing Services partners with Highland Math to bring their consumer data to the Snowflake marketplace. Their data allows organizations to get a detailed view of existing and potential customers & has coverage of over 200 million adults in the USA. Append hundreds of data points, including demographics, home attributes, and lifestyle or product interests.

Specialists’ will also be bringing their new mover dataset to the marketplace, which allows organizations to target consumers who just moved into their new neighborhood. These new movers are 5 times more likely to become long term customers. Specialists Marketing Services’ New Mover dataset tracks over 15.4 million households moving across the USA each year, representing approximately $170 billion in annual consumer spending.

Customer Analysis

SMS’s dataset allows for organizations to analyze their customers outside the scope of their existing internal data and understand new attributes about their customers. As an example, a publisher may have thousands of customers who receive their magazine in a month, or an e-commerce company who has a list of clients & a limited number of products. These companies understand little about their customers outside of the scope of the way they interact with their business. SMS’s datasets allow these organizations to append data to learn more about their purchasing behavior, affinities, age, gender, and income levels. They can use this data to roll out new products, sell ads into their audience more effectively, and more.

Prospect Outreach

In addition to better understanding your customers, a clear understanding of potential customers is an important part of external data strategy. Leverage the SMS data to build models from existing customers to find a new set of potential customers. Reach these customers with the right messaging and at the right time to most effectively get your message across.

Location Analysis 

The Specialists’ dataset allows for a unique ability for companies to understand specific information about different locations. For example, how do purchases of a certain product via mail index by zip code? This can drive new decisions of stores like where to open a new store, where to focus marketing efforts, and more. Similarly, leverage the new mover dataset to understand where people are moving to and from around the US. Use this data to understand how certain economies will be affected or how to capitalize on the trends.