Collision Data in NY and LA: Highland Math Mobility Series

May 29, 2020

Highland Math introduces our Mobility Data Series to data exchanges to bring more insight into the way we move. This series will be a compilation of different publicly available datasets across auto, ride-share, public transit, and more. We’ve started off the series with offering auto collision data in the two most populous cities in the […]

Data Sharing in Agriculture

May 21, 2020

Credit: Tim Mossholder We believe in the world where more and more data will be collected and shared. More data will bring increased internal efficiency, enable data sharing partners, and will be shared externally to drive “data revenue”. About a month ago we wrote a post about the difference between external and internal data monetization. […]

Extracurricular: The Happiness Equation

May 18, 2020

At Highland Math, we have a monthly team meeting where we go around and review key company metrics, goals, administrative updates, and more. Usually we’d all then go out to lunch, but have done remote company lunches during the shut downs. A new feature we’ve added to the end of each team meeting is what […]

Drop Technologies partners with Highland Math to drive data monetization business

May 14, 2020

Overview: Drop has partnered with Highland Math to bring their millennial-centric transactional data to the Snowflake Data Marketplace and to drive their data monetization business. Drop is a technology company delivering shopping rewards to their customers. They’re bringing their anonymized transaction data to give insight into millennial spending patterns.  Organizations can gain access to insights […]

Highland Math brings COVID-19 Data to Data Marketplaces

May 12, 2020

Overview of Data Highland Math publishes a free COVID-19 dataset on Snowflake Marketplace, AWS Data Exchange and Data.World. The consolidated public data sets pertain to the pandemic and its societal impact. The data has three different tables of data. First is the table that contains daily counts by state of the number of reported positive, […]

COVID-19 and the “10x’ing” of Data

May 11, 2020

The last few months have been a struggle for many, both on the health and economic front.  Without question, the world has rapidly changed. Consumers accelerated their adoption of underlying tech trends.  eCommerce exploded as brick and mortar closed up.  Streaming services are a must-have to entertain yourself. Contactless payments are safer than handling cash […]