Navigating the “cookieless world” with V12 Data

August 6, 2020

This week, we kicked off Part 1 of a two-part video series with our partners at V12 Data.  Our CEO Dan Scudder discusses the future of data monetization in a world without third-party cookies.  The video is moderated by Anders Ekman, President at V12 Data and Todd Dziedzic, SVP of Digital at V12.

Highland Math brings 538’s Presidential Election Polling Data to the Snowflake Marketplace

July 31, 2020

Highland Math has brought FiveThirtyEight’s Polling Data directly from their Open GitHub Project onto the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This free dataset gives Snowflake Customers the ability to query, analyze, and understand recent polling data about the upcoming presidential general election.  With data such as pollster name and rating, sample size and method, users can get […]

V12 Partners with Highland Math to bring Omnichannel Data Products to the Snowflake Marketplace

July 20, 2020

Overview V12 partners with Highland Math to bring their omnichannel marketing data to the Snowflake Marketplace. Across consumer, auto, and new mover datasets, V12 enables companies to have insight into their current and potential customers. Insights include demographics, purchase behavior, and life events. It’s important to have the full picture, and V12’s external data allows […]

Why data goes up when the economy goes down

July 18, 2020

Originally posted on LinkedIn The last few months have seen downward revisions for economic growth forecasts, mainly attributed to the Covid-19 economic shutdown. But there were other underlying causes, such as high corporate debt and stagnant wage growth.  While economic downturns are painful, a category that will consistently see growth is data. The use of data drives innovation, […]

Specialists Marketing Services partners with Highland Math to bring their Consumer Data to Snowflake

July 9, 2020

Overview Specialists’ Marketing Services partners with Highland Math to bring their consumer data to the Snowflake marketplace. Their data allows organizations to get a detailed view of existing and potential customers & has coverage of over 200 million adults in the USA. Append hundreds of data points, including demographics, home attributes, and lifestyle or product […]

NYC Operating Businesses: Highland Math brings Open Data to Exchanges

July 2, 2020

Highland Math brings the dataset ‘Businesses Operating in NYC’ to the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake users can find the dataset in the marketplace in all regions. This dataset features businesses/individuals holding a DCA license which allows them to legally operate in New York City. Similar to our Mobility data from NYC, the data comes from […]