Data CPMs in market decline after the holidays

November 15, 2019

Highland Math analyzed over $30 million in historical data spend. Not surprisingly, average Data CPMs decline by $0.13 after the holiday advertising surge and level off in the spring. For data sellers, holiday demand increases yield on data assets. [Enable images to see the chart below]

Higher spend on Republican-leaning audiences

November 15, 2019

Highland Math analyzed data transaction history going back to March 2018. The analysis shows that the greatest percentage of political targeting went to general “voter” audience categories (independent of political party). However, when targeting specific party affiliation, Republican audiences commanded a higher percentage of spend than Democrat audiences (except for one month). This could be […]

Spending on NFL-related audiences is growing

November 15, 2019

Highland Math analyzed a historical index of data transactions going back to 2017. Adjusted for regular holiday seasonality in data spending, audiences related to the National Football League see an even larger spend increase over the holidays. Additionally, spending on NFL-oriented audiences has steadily increased over time — indicating marketers are seeing NFL brand affinities […]

Startup Highland Math aims to improve the data market

March 6, 2019

Marketers buy and use audience data every day, but how segments are priced or labeled by data providers is one of the mysteries of the data market. That’s where startup Highland Math comes in.


Podcast: How to turn your data into an asset

February 26, 2019

On this week's episode of The Intelligent Business Show, podcast host Matthew Grant discusses how to make data a valuable asset to your organization with Dan Scudder of Highland Math.


Highland Math Forms First Data Co-op Of Data Sellers

February 13, 2019

Data transparency is all the rage in digital advertising, but data companies themselves still exist in a world of black boxes and inscrutable spreadsheets. Highland Math was founded last year...