Highland Math brings the dataset ‘Businesses Operating in NYC’ to the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake users can find the dataset in the marketplace in all regions. This dataset features businesses/individuals holding a DCA license which allows them to legally operate in New York City. Similar to our Mobility data from NYC, the data comes from the NYC Open Data site. The DCA license data is provided by the Department of Consumer Affairs. 

What is NYC Open Data? According to the City of New York, the data comes from the NYC Open Data Law which enacts “one of the most robust Open Data policies in the world.” They act on the belief that “every New Yorker can benefit from Open Data, and Open Data can benefit from every New Yorker.” 

Benefit of the DCA License Data:

The DCA License data allows for businesses, researchers, and the alike to understand the business makeup of the city and surrounding boroughs. The data includes the creation date of the license so it’s easy to understand the effect of certain events on new business registrations. As an example, join the free COVID data on Snowflake to the DCA License data to see if the spike in new COVID cases changes the rate of new business creation filings.

This simple graph shows the impact of COVID on business filings. The DCA license data features over 59 different business categories. Leverage Snowflake to query and analyze this data based on specific Industries or locations. 

The first use case of the DCA license data is allowing companies to easily see where businesses are opened. For example, a retail/pharmacy company can easily query the Open data on Snowflake to understand exactly where businesses have licenses to operate. This data can be easily integrated into a visualization tool like Tableau to show exactly where on a map they are located.

Open & External Data:

Highland Math’s CEO Dan Scudder wrote about the 10xing of data in May. The idea is that data is now widely distributed and referenced everyday. COVID cases, hospitalizations, and more are referenced daily to help make decisions and forecast trends. Although this is not necessarily a new trend, it was certainly amplified by COVID. More and more institutions are realizing the importance of access to open data. Highland Math helps companies access valuable external data to help their business. 

Included Fields:

  • DCA License Number
  • License Type
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Status
  • License Creation Date
  • Industry
  • Business Name
  • Business Name 2
  • Address Building
  • Address Street Name
  • Secondary Address Street Name
  • Address City
  • Address State
  • Address ZIP
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Address Borough
  • Borough Code
  • Community Board
  • Council District
  • BIN
  • BBL
  • NTA
  • Census Tract
  • Detail
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Location