Highland Math has brought FiveThirtyEight’s Polling Data directly from their Open GitHub Project onto the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This free dataset gives Snowflake Customers the ability to query, analyze, and understand recent polling data about the upcoming presidential general election. 

With data such as pollster name and rating, sample size and method, users can get a good understanding of any sampling attributes that ultimately affect the ratings. As visualized by 538, easily understand the current state of each of the candidates in the polls and which polls have candidates ahead.

Academics and researchers using Snowflake’s Data Warehouse will now be able to access and analyze 538’s survey data, updated daily by Highland Math. 

As specified by FiveThirtyEight, the poll must include the name of the pollster, survey dates, sample sizes, details about the population sampled, and sourcing methodology in order to be included in the dataset. 

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