At Highland Math, we have a monthly team meeting where we go around and review key company metrics, goals, administrative updates, and more. Usually we’d all then go out to lunch, but have done remote company lunches during the shut downs.

A new feature we’ve added to the end of each team meeting is what we call “Extracurriculars”.  Every meeting, one team member at the company is assigned with presenting something to our entire company that is net new learning.  The topic can (and should be) unrelated to the core data science we work on day-to-day. And it should lend itself to the experience and knowledge that the presenter has on the topic  (such as a recent book they read, something they learned at school, a side hobby, etc).

This month, Farees Patel, a senior data scientist with us, presented on being happy at home and work with “The Happiness Equation”, a book by Neil Pasricha.  The full presentation on lessons learned is below!

The Happiness Equation PPT