Logistics Data Monetization

Efficient logistics requires data intelligence

Modernize your supply chain and distribution by bringing data-driven intelligence into your workflows. Better leverage internal logistics data from sensors, devices, and software, or expose data out to supply chain partners to identify efficiencies. 

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“Once you have identified data that is valuable, the next step is to come up with a viable monetization approach”
Oliver Wyman, Monetizing Data in Distribution

Logistics data expertise and integrations

One-Stop Integrations

We are integrated with all the top data marketplaces, including AWS Data Marketplace, Snowflake Exchange, LiveRamp Data Store, and more. 

Data Infrastructure

We’ll manage your data and ensure that your datasets are published in the right formats and stay up-to-date across the market.

Data Science and Expertise

Our team knows data.  We’ll help you navigate the complex data ecosystem to optimize your business and add the most value to your partners through data science and experience. 

We love talking data