Data science and integrations to monetize your data

What is Data Monetization?

Data monetization is the use of data to increase revenue. Organizations use data internally to improve operations, products and services. Businesses also create new business models with data – offering unique data to third parties for insights and optimization. Organizations should have a strategy in place to leverage their data both internally and externally. Research by McKinsey, Fueling growth through data monetization, highlights that “Data monetization seems to correlate with industry-leading performance.” Data exchange platforms are emerging to cater to the data monetization market, with leaders in the space including the Snowflake Data Exchange and the AWS Data Exchange.

Highland Math helps companies build data businesses. From initial strategy to execution, we’re a one-stop shop. We’ll manage your data strategy, build data products, power workflows through data science and machine learning, and leverage our 20+ platform integrations.

Convert your data assets into value

The demand for data continues to grow across all industries.  Whether its internal data monetization or syndication out to data marketplaces, we help you identify the right channels and easily extract value from your data across the ecosystem.


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Data monetization expertise and integrations

One-Stop Integrations

We are integrated with all the top data marketplaces, including AWS Data Marketplace, Snowflake Exchange, LiveRamp Data Store, and more. 

Data Infrastructure

We’ll manage your data and ensure that your datasets are published in the right formats and stay up-to-date across the market.

Data Science and Expertise

Our team knows data.  We’ll help you navigate the complex data ecosystem to optimize your business and add the most value to your partners through data science and experience. 

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