Why we started the company.

Our goal is to help companies make smarter business decisions about their data.

Whether you cultivate, aggregate, analyze, or exploit it, data has become an increasingly valuable asset in today’s business world across urban development, financial services, marketing, supply chain, and more. Unfortunately, many companies that sit on valuable data are unable to expose the value of those assets both internally and externally.  Data can help the world make better decisions, and we help companies more effectively leverage their data assets through advanced intelligence and data science.

The first step to maximizing your data’s value is getting to know it.

Each data set comes with a unique set of challenges. Missing data, a lack of organizational structure, and the assumption of knowledge from an external data set can render your data set incomprehensible. Highland Math makes it easy for you to understand your data by reconciling, consolidating, and standardizing disparate and messy data.

Truly knowing your data requires an understanding of the ecosystem in which it lives.

Once the picture of your own data comes into view, the next step is to understand the global context in which it lives. How do you effectively monetize your data? What is the global demand for the type of data you buy or sell, and where can that demand be accessed? What are the best ways to break down organizational silos and improve business decision making with more data? 

We provide clear vision into your data along with insights to take action.

Highland Math enables a global view of a company’s data. We help you uncover the most valuable internal data assets and turn them into data products that drive value for stakeholders.  We help you integrate data externally with marketplaces and partners to drive new revenue streams and value-added insights. We help you build a data business.