ASL Marketing has partnered with Highland Math to bring their student marketing and affinity data to the Snowflake Data Marketplace and to drive analytical data products. ASL has been the leading provider of accurate student marketing data for over 40 years. The ASL data allows organizations to access unmodeled data for students as well as their parents. 

As the ability to take on more external data continues to grow, more and more organizations will be able to bring in data to help them make decisions. ASL has attributes that help organizations better understand Student’s interests and affiliations, their intent after High School graduation, and as a result, the attributes of a particular college’s population. Interested in reaching out to a particular segment? ASL allows brands to target consumers across verticals.

Here are some use cases of ASL’s Student Data.

Data For Student Recruitment

Universities can utilize data mining to understand their current enrollment and graduates. They can take the students that have had success in their school, couple it with diversity and inclusion initiatives, and create personas of new prospective students. Universities can benefit from the granularity of ASL Marketing data to take these personas and create targeted lists used to reach out to prospective students. 

Better Understand Specific Colleges

Interested in targeting a specific campus for a product or college recruitment? Organizations can analyze top colleges for a particular academic interest or extracurricular hobbies. As an example, if a Real Estate Company is trying to find upcoming graduates to recruit, they can search colleges with the highest number of people with that interest. Looking to sell Country Club homes? Filter those students for those who have an interest in Golf to find where to set up your Campus Recruiting Efforts


Every fall, brands and retailers set out to capitalize on back to school shopping opportunities. That’s not a huge surprise given that families with college students plan on spending $976.78 on back to school shopping, according to the National Retail Foundation. That total market of students and their families shopping for back to school is $80.7 billion. 

Retailers trust ASL Marketing to reach the right people at the right time. Retailers can utilize ASL’s Data on the Snowflake Marketplace to append data to their customer’s profile to understand the class year of the student going “back to school” or those college bound Freshman heading off to college for the first time. Activate previous customers or match to discover new customers with messaging across platforms and capitalize on the potential.

Banking & Insurance Institutions

Banks and Financial Institutions aim to capture new card holders and gain long term customers right when they’re at the correct age. ASL Marketing allows financial institutions to target consumers and their parents as soon as they are of age to open up their first credit card or take out a student loan. 

When new drivers hit the road, Insurance companies are competing to earn a new customer. Additionally, this new policy creates an opportunity to catch parents at a time where they’ll be more open to evaluating policies. ASL allows for these insurance providers to target both prospective new drivers and their parents at the right time with the right messages.