Data marketplaces are emerging across all categories — marketing technology, healthcare, supply chain, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), and more.  In this upcoming series of blog posts focused on data marketplaces, we’re going to cover the various types of marketplaces and categories that are emerging for data. With the growing market for data collection and distribution, as well as data science capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, the thirst for data to drive better business decisions worldwide will continue to grow. To start, we’ve highlighted 4 of the fastest growing marketplaces to monetize logistics data. 

The Internet of Things will drive an increase in logistics data marketplaces

What exactly is logistics data? It can take many forms, but primarily its related to supply chain and shipping activity.  For example, logistics data can include operational data from a trucking company and highlight increases and decreases in shipments of various types, which can be an indicator of economic activity. Logistics data can also include supply chain data, which is tying together performance of multiple components of the supply chain (i.e. eCommerce orders with warehouse inventories) to optimize fleet allocation.

Below are 4 of the fastest growing marketplaces to buy and sell logistics data. While there are many more data marketplaces out there for logistics, we believe this to be a good starting point in understanding the players:

OneTransport is a UK-based logistics data marketplace focused on helping cities and digital transport services be smarter.  Through their platform, businesses can enable cloud-based data sharing, standardize real-time data accessibility, and more. They work with transport operators, local governments, national agencies, and technology and service providers in the transport space.

DexFreight is a broad-based logistics platform and marketplace servicing the transportation industry. Although early, they are growing fast with their blockchain-based approach of smart contracts, digitized transactions, and more.  Additionally, they have a data marketplace as part of their services portfolio, enabling transport businesses to easily exchange data and receive compensation for their data sets.

Semantics3 works in the eCommerce logistics space, helping brands, eCommerce retailers, and freight providers all connect data to drive better decisions and more efficient operations. For example, as a logistics company, you can tap into Semantics3 to better forecast demand and plan your routes to improve service of the eCommerce retailers and brands looking for fulfillment services.

Freightwaves SONAR
Taking the concept of a data marketplace on step further, Freightwaves SONAR product sits on top of streams of logistics data to build better forecasting and analytics tools for various stakeholders across the supply chain.  Focusing primarily on freight trends, businesses can improve pricing, location support, inventory management, and more.

Stay tuned for more posts coming up that will cover different data marketplaces across additional sectors.  And as always, feel free to contact us if we are missing anything!